Leah Clements and Bibi Katholm

Opening: Friday 11 January, 18.00 – 22.00
Exhibition: 12–26 Jan 2013, Wednesday – Saturday, 13.00–17.00

In his book titled The Future of the Image French philosopher Jacques Rancière writes:

" ‘Too many words’: the diagnosis is repeated whenever the crisis of art, or its subservience to aesthetic discourse, is denounced. Too many words about painting; too many words that comment on its practice and devour it; that clothe and transfigure the ‘anything goes’ it has become or replace it in books, catalogues and official reports – to the point of spreading to the very surfaces where it is exhibited and where, in its stead, we find written the pure affirmation of its concept, the self-denunciation of its imposture, or the registration of its end. ”

In this sense, Innit – the title of this exhibition – is a refusal to discuss, as though: it’s just like that, innit. A refusal to confirm or draw a conclusion, leaving the ground lying a little uneasy. In order to appropriately stress the prohibition of explanation that the expression ‘innit’ incurs, the curators/artists felt that a sort of denial of definition was appropriate… as in the Rancière quote above, it might just be that too many words are exactly that – too many words!

Definition: ‘It’s just short for innit, innit?’ – Ali G

Curated by the artists.