Opening 6 February, 18.00-21.00
On show 7 - 28 February 2015

The exhibition EX(C)IT(e) presents works by Danish artist Stine Kvam and London based Georgian artist Sophio Medoidze.

Sophio Medoidze and Stine Kvam both work with video, utilising storytelling in their respective practices, following individual, disparate routes. Through the use of voiceover narration, the artists work with and against cinematic conventions in order to activate particular histories, private and public, historical and banal, with no happy ending in sight.

Sophio Medoidze has been researching late modernist architecture in Georgia. Her work almost always involves looking back, lifting narratives from the past and transposing them into the present. It avoids direct historicization by focusing on the interchangeability of these moments, on copy-pasting. Medoidze's artistic contribution, Andropov’s Ears, is based on her short story of the same title, which refers to the monument in Tbilisi, nicknamed after the all-hearing head of the KGB, Yuri Andropov. The work opts out of this double negativity - the impossibility of describing a non-existent, now demolished monument, and the limitations of the State censorship - by reaching out to a reality which is more fantastic than factual.

Stine Kvam's installation, 'Your Worst Fear Will Happen', brings us into a dystopian cycle of life's meaninglessness. A sensible contemplation of the absurdity of life, in which what one fears the most is inevitably going to happen and has happened, and finding a meaning and growing with these life experiences only serves as consolation in a world without actual meaning. This is the existential anxiety we have inherited and which we in turn will pass on to our nearest and dearest. But life's meaninglessness is meaningless, and with life comes the desire to search for meaning where there seemingly is none.

Curated by SixtyEight.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Copenhagen Municipality Arts Council, Balderdash, and 2print.dk.